Appleton Rum Jamaica

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The kill-devil drink of Jamaica. There have been many stories as to the origin of the rum. Some claim the word to have been used first around the 1620’s in Barbados to describe their rough and nasty liquor derived from sugar cane juice. There are others who believe that the word may have originated from the English word “rum bullion”, meaning “great tumult”. However, there are those who pointed out that sugar in Latin is saccharum; hence, it is possible that the word rum was derived from it.

“Kill-devil” was the term for rum in the olden days. The drink was used when trading for salted fish, pork, livestock and other goods from the American colonies. Over the years, the drink’s taste improved due to better processing methods. Claiming the title for the oldest rum producer, dating back to 1703, is the Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd. in Barbados. Coming in 2nd is the Appleton Rum Factory in Jamaica which was put up in 1749.

The Appleton Estate is the biggest among the three sugar factories of J.Wray and Nephew. This large Jamaican rum company started in 1825 as a famous rum shop in Kingston. John Wray got his first earnings by blending and selling rum. He then asked his nephew, Colonel Charles Ward, to join him in the business just before he retired in 1864. Ward was responsible for acquiring the estates and import agencies and has led the company to become one of Jamaica’s largest rum exporters.

The Appleton Rum Factory in Jamaica produces about 16,000 tons of sugar and 10,000,000 liters of rumeach year. The company’s production plant in Kingston takes care of the blending and bottling of this white rum.

Today there are tours conducted in the Appleton Rum Factory in Jamaica. These tours extensively cover the production of rum along with a video presentation and a visit to the distillery. The visit will let you see the century-old donkey-driven cane mill and the 200-year old “Pot Stills” that are still being used today. The tours of the Appleton Rum Factory in Jamaica also allow guests to sample and press their very own fresh cane juice. And of course, these tours would not be complete unless the visitors get a taste of the world-famous Jamaican rum. So after an exciting and informative view of the manufacturing and bottling process in the Appleton Rum Factory in Jamaica, everyone gets ready for the complimentary samples of all the rum flavors it produces.

A visit to the Appleton Rum Factory in Jamaica will introduce you to one of the world’s popular rums. And if you have been privileged enough to have known and tasted it, this is the best way to get better acquainted with it.


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