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Curacao Beaches

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The beaches in Curacao is one of the best in the world. It is every beach lover’s dream. Almost all beaches in Curacao are made up of sandy bays with clear turquoise waters. Most of the beaches are found in the southern coast of the island; where the waters are calm, because the northern coast is rocky and the sea is very rough.

The best Curacao beaches are not the long and open area of sand that can be found in other islands. The secluded and well hidden beaches and coves are Curacao’s best hidden secret. These secluded beachesare called “bocas” in Papiamento. These are attract tourist especially honeymooners, couples and people who want to have a peaceful vacation, away from crowded hotels and resorts. Many of the popular beaches in Curacao are in the western end part of the island. These beaches are named “Westpunt” or “west point”.

The island itself boasts to have 40 Curacao beaches that are different from one another. However there are more secluded beaches on the eastern and northern coastline. Some of them are yet to be discovered. Some of the Curacao beaches have huge cliffs and limestone. Thrill seekers go to this kind of beach to jump from the cliff into the ocean. While some beaches have picturesque settings and sparkling clear turquoise waters. Some beaches have a white sandy shoreline that is frequented by romantic couples of all ages. Curacao also has man-made beaches that offers glass-bottom and semi-submersible submarine rides. In some beaches, you have to walk through an adventurous natural trail to get to the beach. As most, Curacao beaches isn’t just for swimming or sunbathing. You can snorkel or dive too. There are many diving spots in Curacao that is just a few hundred meters from the shoreline. You don’t have to rent a boat just to get a spectacular view of Curacao’s underwater marine life.

The hotels and resort of the island of Curacao offer full facility of the Curacao beaches they occupy. Palm trees, white sands, along with bars, shops restaurants and facilities for all kinds of water sport. Just ask the hotel for these of amenities.

If ever you want to take a vacation in Curacao and go for a swim on the famous Curacao beaches, remember that on weekends many people flock on the beach. If you want to avoid the crowded and noisy resorts just ask your local tour guide to show you where you can find beautiful and peaceful beach.

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