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Review of Jewel of the Seas

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My wife and I recently returned form a cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s Jewel of the Seas. We sailed from San Juan and toured many of the southern most Caribbean islands.

This was the first time we left on a cruise outside the United States. We just assumed this cruise would leave a 4 o’clock like the ships from the Florida ports. The ship did not leave until 9 PM. Which means it is dark when you sail away which was a little disappointing. Would have seen Old San Juan as we sailed away. We flew in the day before so we just had to mess around Old San Juan. Next time would either come in a few days early and stay at a beach resort or fly in the same day.

We knew in advance this was one of the smaller ships. Although we have been on the Oasis class ships, this did not bother us as we don’t use all the gimmicks (Flowrider, etc.). We figured the entertainment would be fine. That is where we were wrong.

The bar entertainment was pretty much nonresistant or very poor.

Schooner Bar – Jody at the Schooner bar was bad. He wanted to be comedian (a bad one a that) more then play. We was really bad when he sung. There was one night he wasn’t even there.

The Pit Stop Bar – This is the racing themed sports bar on the Jewel. It was a complete waist of space. There was no entertainment in here except a few television with sports on. Many nights there was not even a bar tender in there and when there was he ignored us.

Safari Club – This was the biggest disappointment by far. This was larger lounge in the back of the ship, but there was absolutely nothing going on there. A couple of nights they had karaoke and that was it. Most nights it was completely empty.

The Atrium – The best entertainment was in the atrium, but of course there was nowhere to sit. You just had to stand against the railing. This did not make since with a great venue like the Safari Club not even used.

I am a Royal Caribbean fan but I swore I would never go on another cruise out of San Juan. But we are already booked again in November. Royal Caribbean will have the Freedom of the Seas sailing from San Juan.

What are your thoughts on the smaller ships?




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