Caribbean beaches are undoubtedly world-famous for their sugar-like refined sand granules, azure water and picturesque scenic beauty. Barbados name shines brilliantly when we talk about pristine beaches, divine nature, thriving nightlife and exotic watersports. Exploring the tiny island of Barbados means you are typically going to explore two remarkable things – Beaches and historical Rich culture. Bridgetown, the capital city of Barbados is completely submerged into history and culture. You can even find the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Garrison located there. There is no doubt that this tiny island of the Caribbean creates a lasting impression on visitors. This former British colony is a true heaven for nature and beach lovers. The stunning island of Barbados offers a bucket list of things to see and do. Let us dive deeper to find out how a 166 – square miles small Tropical Island could be so much impressive?

Is Barbados only famous for its beaches?

Other than beaches there are few striking things to know for which Barbados remains a unique island of the Caribbean:

  • It is the birthplace of the global music superstar Rihanna.
  • Portuguese sailor Pedro a Campus originally named Barbados as, Los Barbados
  • There are over 1500 rum shops spread across the islands with an annual rum export figure of over 57 million Barbadian dollars.
  • A land from where Grapefruit Originated
  • The purest form of natural drinking water is available at Barbados because of abundance limestone filtering the water naturally.
  • This island is the home of Mongoose, a rat-like animal and considered lucky in case they cross your path.

Top things to see and do in Barbados

Barbados Carlise Bay

Barbados Carlise Bay

Explore the Beaches

This is the obvious reason for which over one million tourists visit Barbados each year. The pristine and picture-perfect Barbados beaches need no introduction. The tranquil warm water makes Barbados beaches an ideal sport for exploring underwater species. Diving and Snorkeling are famous among beach-lovers visiting here to spend their holidays. Almost all the Barbados beaches stay busy all-round the year, however, the top beaches are Bathsheba, Bath Beach, Crane Beach, Carlise Bay, Dover Beach, Brownes, Accra Beach, Miami Beach, Silver Sands, Gibbes Beach, Mullins and Archers Bay. These beaches spread across the island have vast diversities. The beaches on the eastern shore are excellent for surfing because of strong winds, but the north, south and west beaches are an ideal place for snorkelling and diving.

Explore Downtown Bridgetown

Downtown Bridgetown is full of old historic buildings and colonial architectures. Walking is the best way to explore downtown Bridgetown. There are treasures of attractions for you to see as you walk around the city. A large number of buildings with historic importance build in the Neo-Gothic style are seen here. Most important landmarks include – The Parliament Buildings, Clock Tower, the National Heroes Square, Chamberlain Bridge, Nidhe Israel Synagogue, St. Michael’s Cathedral and wonder looking at the baobab tree almost 1,000 years old. Don’t forget tasting the rum sitting by Bridgetown harbour during the evening.

Visit Barbados Garrison

To understand the British Colonial History, a visit to Barbados Garrison is a must. This was the military headquarters for the Imperial Forces during the 18th and the 19th Centuries. Currently, this is a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to architectural splendour. You need time, probably a day to explore this amazing historic military base. Other intriguing historic sites surrounding this place are – The St Ann’s Fort, George Washington House, Barbados National Armory, Barbados Museum and the oval-shaped Savannah parade ground.

Visit Barbados Wildlife Reserve

The island of Barbados is the home of a special species of Monkeys, “Green Monkeys.” Don’t miss the chance to see them at Barbados Wildlife Reserve as they are the most expensive animal in the world. Other than green monkeys Barbados Wildlife Reserve is home to many intriguing unique species. They are – Hummingbirds (Diminutive Antillean Crested Hummingbird, and the Green-throated Carib), Mongoose, Sea Turtles, Bats, Whistling Frogs, Blackbelly Sheep and Green Lizards. A visit to this wildlife reserve definitely ranks among the top to-do lists when you are at Barbados.

Experience the underwater and enjoy watersports

The paradise island of Barbados is a home to enjoy some of the best watersports in the Caribbean. The tranquil warm water of the Atlantic Ocean and consistent trade winds make it an ideal place for diving and surfing. Go for a Catamaran Snorkeling Cruise and explore the underwater like life never before. During the three hours cruise, you can enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling at a few important snorkeling spots. Enjoy watching the tropical fishes swimming around the gorgeous coral reefs and swim along with big sea turtles.

Harrison’s Cave

This is one of the major Attraction of Barbados. The Harrison’s Cave is actually a naturally formed caved due to the water erosion through limestone rocks. The interesting part to see is the unusual rock formation those rising from the floor or hanging from the ceiling, called stalactites and stalagmites. These unique rock formations are because of the calcium-rich water running through the cave. There is no doubt that Harrison’s cave remains a place of beauty and natural wonder for tourists visiting this island.

Animal Flower Cave

This is the standalone accessible sea cave located under the cliff at North Point. A date back in the 1780s two of the English explorers discovered this amazing cave. The unique attraction of this cave is its 400,000 to 500,000 years old coral floor. Here you also find the Sea Anemone commonly known as animal flowers. These flowers consist of unique natural tentacles which response to stimuli like any passing object, fish, etc. These flowers can even string and paralyze a passing fish if its body gets touched as they naturally react on any alien object touching them. You can also see humpback whales if you visit in between February and April.

Enjoy Fish-Fry.

Beach destination means the availability of fish. Barbados is well known for Oistins’ Friday Fish Fry. A large number of vendors sell fresh fried fish or off the grill along with some mouth-watering side dishes. Enjoy eating these grilled fish sitting on the plastic tables under the tents while enjoying some Calypso music. On a Friday night, the entire area gets live with amazing food, music electrifying atmosphere. This area remains a major attraction for locals and tourists all-round the year.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that Barbados has the best of Caribbean beaches. Every single beach on this island is beautiful in its own way. The pristine beaches, tranquil water of the Atlantic Ocean, colourful coral reefs are not only best in the Carrabin but in the world too. Sometimes because of these beautiful beaches, we overlook the capital city Bridgetown, full of history and culture. Let us visit Barbados and spend some more time understanding the history and culture along with enjoying beaches. After all when a small island offers so many things to see and do why to miss a chance?

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